Shifter 8 : Rules and Representations

Nov 30, 2006 - ongoing

Shifter Magazine


Phone Number: 216-255-0584
Contact: Sreshta Rit Premnath

Critical Advisor: Pieter DeHeijde\nShifter's 8th issue, "Rules and Representations" through visual and textual work by 25 artists and writers, investigates various symbols and structures that function in society and ways in which these structures are represented or repressed in our culture. In this way Shifter takes on a Feminist position by examining and unpacking various cultural "rules" and their representations.\nAs far as Shifter's relation to the Feminist project, this issue opens up the question of hegemonic structures and strategies by which they can be undermined or turned around. While Misako Kitaoka's essay deals directly with the gender issue of Japanese women in the workplace, most of the artists and writers deal with the issue of representation in non gender-centric spaces.\n

Event Type: Publications (books, scholarly, journals)