Jul 1, 2006 - Sep 1, 2008

No More Nice Girls Productions, Inc.

36 Fruit St.
Northhampton, MA 01060

Time: 10:00:00
Phone Number: 416-584-6012
Contact: Joan Braderman



THE HERETICS is a feature-length experimental documentary film about theWomen¹s Art Movement of the 70¹s in the USA, specifically, at the center of the art world at that time, New York City. We began production in August of 2006 and expect to finish shooting by the end of June 2007. The finish date is projected for June 2008.

It is a story I can tell in the first person because I was one of 20 women(artists mainly, though also curators and critics) who founded HERESIES; A FEMINIST PUBLICATION ON ART AND POLITICS in New York in 1975. The sometimes quarterly magazine published until 1992. As one of the two youngest women in the first HERESIES collective, I had enormous admiration for these accomplished women who gathered every week in each other's lofts and apartments. We were trying to figure out ways to focus attention and interest in the brilliant and original work that women artists had been
doing forever, but now, in the midst of the Second Wave of the women's movement, were starting to produce in great quantity and variety. Much of their work addressed in one form or another the condition of being female in a male dominated world. Now, 30 years later, I am revisiting these women.Participants include: Michelle Stuart, Pat Steir, May Stevens, Mary Miss,Joyce Kozloff, Ida Applebroog, Lucy Lippard, Su Friedrich, Harmony Hammond,
Sally Webster, and Mary Beth Edelson.

Please see our new website which includes biographies of many of the women who participated, more information about the film, and an online archive of all 27 issues of HERESIES in high-resolution, PDF format.Http://


Documentation for this event is housed in The Feminist Art Project archives at Rutgers University.

Event Type: Film/Video