El Maiz es Nuestra Vida

Aug 30, 2007 - Feb 23, 2008

Museo de Historia Natural y Cultura Ambiental

2a Seccion del Bosque del Chapultepec
Mexico City, Mexico

Time: 13:00:00
Phone Number: 52-55-5515-6304
Contact: Rowena Galavitz

Forty-eight women artists who live or have lived in Oaxaca, Mexico are exhibiting in the Museum of Natural History in Mexico City. The theme is "Corn is our Life." Each artist created a piece on the subject in different media: painting, photography, mixed media, video, ceramics, installation, etc. We want to draw attention to the importance of indigenous corn in Mexican culture and how it is being destroyed by genetic manipulation and multi-national corporations. There are lectures and related events being presented during the exhibit. A catalog will be published soon.

Event Type: Exhibition