Chronicles of Beauty

May 6, 2010 - ongoing

Eventi Hotel (on permanent display)

851 6th Avenue
New York, NY 10001-410

Phone Number: 212-219-1111
Contact: Barbara Nessim

"A Current Past" is a collage that merges classical forms with elements of modern desire. It is the central piece from the series "Chronicles Of Beauty". The artist uses bare, unadorned Greco-Roman busts as androgynous archetypes and embellishes them with contemporary accouterments, accessories and expressions of sensuality. Scatterings of gems, riches, and shelter, in the form of architectural details, float across a backdrop of marble cloth. In areas the veneer is broken, as though excavated to reveal hidden traces of the underlying passage of time. The masks are interchangeable, yet the figures retain their immortal, immutable qualities, imbued as they are with the timelessness of human yearnings. -Kiša Lala



Barbara Nessim
  “A Current Past”
2010, archival digital print on aluminum, 28’ x 12’

Event Type: Exhibition