Heels on Wheels Glitter Roadshow

Apr 9, 2012 - Apr 9, 2012

Hudson Pride Center

32 Jones Street
Jersey City, NJ 07306

Time: 7:00pm
Phone Number: 917-415-0881
Contact: Damien Luxe
Website: http://www.heelsonwheelsroadshow.com/

The Heels on Wheels Glitter Roadshow tours the US annually with a dazzling cabaret of performance art works and acts of resistance by queer folks of femme-inine spectrum genders. The show itself consists of five performers, featuring a raucous, thought-provoking line-up of multi-media, literary and performing arts, music, puppetry, participatory art -- and even dance parties. The fearless artists rampage across the femme-inine spectrum-from hi-femme to femmedrogyny, dandy darling to ladybeast in a wild revue of visceral, poetic, performance, emotional escape plans in wild workout gear, dark whimsical puppetry, innovative intersectionality, and rocknroll you can sink your heels into! The 2012 tour is the third, and features experienced performers Damien Luxe, Geppetta, Heather Acs, Najva Sol, and Shomi Noise, with wrangler/visual artist Lizxnn Disaster, and runs April 6-14, 2012. This show is unique to and engaged with each place it lands in. Heels on Wheels lives the dream by including local acts, facilitating discussions on activist art, and will install “Femme That Frame,” a temporary political art intervention each day of the tour! By actively complicating what it looks like, sounds like, IS like to shamelessly and lovingly represent femininity, dandyness, fey, femme and queer lady, this work confronts misogyny and sexism and uses cultural works to sabotage the hegemonic status quo of gender, sexuality, and “feminine” appearance, replacing it with many visions and ideas of what thriving and surviving as femme folks can be. Heels on Wheels emerges from an active anti-oppression, intersectional, liberatory standpoint: who is touring, the art they share onstage, and community organizing in their home cities all intend to build power for traditionally-marginalized LGBTQ stories and people. The tour is working class-led and multi-racial, and includes cisgendered and trans folks, QPOC, mixed race folks, sex workers, immigrants: all fiercely political feminist queer artists whose work weaves punk herstories, survival strategies, and wild costuming into escape artistry. These are stories that do not have enough outlets on a regular basis and that's one reason this tour is important! Stillettos fly, gender justice prevails, and fairytales fracture as we travel through space, time, and stardust to Jersey City on April 9!! Heels on Wheels Glitter Roadshow online: Website: www.heelsonwheelsroadshow.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/heelsonwheelsroadshow Twitter: @howroadshow // #heelsonwheels Pre-sale tickets [& art if you can't come]: www.kickstarter.com/projects/962427077/heels-on-wheels-roadshow-2012-gas-and-tour-fund Full tour schedule here: http://www.heelsonwheelsroadshow.com/events/

Event Type: Performance