Exhibition Proposals for Solo, Group and Curated Shows

Apr 20, 2014 - ongoing

ARC Gallery and Educational Foundation

2156 North Damen Avenue
Chicago, IL 60647

Phone Number: 773-252-2232
Contact: Goldstein Iris
Website: http://www.arcgallery.org/

ARC Gallery and Educational Foundation is a non-profit, woman-run cooperative gallery dedicated to providing alternative space exhibition opportunities for innovative artists outside the commercial gallery system. Since1973 ARC has given exposure and support to artists, providing an atmosphere for the continued development of artistic potential and experimentation. ARC Gallery’s Exhibitions Committee reviews all media including video, film, installation and performance. We encourage submissions and proposals for solo exhibitions, group shows and curated shows. ARC is run entirely by its women artist members; as a non-profit exhibition space. ARC receives some support from outside funding sources but not enough to cover our operating expenses. Thus, to provide the space and services we offer to exhibiting artists, we defray our expenses by charging exhibition fees. Our rate is $750.00 for approximately 60 running feet of wall space. Gallery A, the front space of the gallery with large windows opening out to Damen Avenue rents for $850.00 when not reserved by a member of the gallery. Please see the floor plan and find additional information about the gallery at http://www.arcgallery.org/call-for-entries.aspx. It is also possible to divide our Gallery C in half and have 2 shows in that space each renting for $375.00. Each of the rental spaces in the gallery actually costs twice as much as we charge the artists. The members of the gallery and the Educational Foundation subsidize each of the spaces by an additional $750.00 each month.

Event Type: Call for Entry/Participation