Speaking with Joan Snyder about Sweet Cathy’s Song (1978)

May 8, 2014 - ongoing

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New York,

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From the MoMA blog INSIDE/OUT by Cara Manes:


A new installation in the galleries brings together a diverse group of works from the late 1960s and 1970s, a moment when many artists radically reexamined the medium of painting. It unites a few recently acquired works-including a large unstretched, draped painting by Sam Gilliam, a composition of stitched-together strips of dyed canvas by Al Loving, and a brightly colored floor-work made of spilt and hardened latex by Lynda Benglis-with some veteran artworks from the collection. Organizing these kinds of special installations always provides a fresh opportunity to take a deep and focused look at the collection. Within the rich context of the gallery, the Department of Painting and Sculpture is delighted to present Sweet Cathy's Song, a painting that New York-based artist Joan Snyder made in 1978 and that has been in MoMA's collection since 1979. The work is in many ways characteristic of what one might describe as Snyder's signature style-it is large in scale and brightly colored, its composition is guided by a grid-like structure, and it contains both abstract and narrative elements. Yet it holds a special place within her oeuvre. I was delighted to have had the chance to speak with Snyder to learn why.


Click here for the complete interview and images:  MoMA Blog INSIDE/OUT featuring Speaking with Joan Snyder about "Sweet Cathy's Song" (1978) by Cara Manes, 2014.



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