Jun 3, 2015 - Jun 26, 2015

National Museum of Women and the Arts

1250 New York Ave NW
Washington, DC 20005

Phone Number: xxx
Contact: Margo Hobbs

TFAP@CAA 2016 in Washington, DC seeks proposals for panels, round tables, or papers that will illuminate the broad theme of feminism, art, and intersectionality. Proposals recognize that feminist art is not strictly concerned with gender, but participates in a larger discourse critical of established power structures. Gender, race, ethnicity, class, and sexuality complicate the very categories they construct. Representing intersectional identities frames understanding across difference, and promotes political alliances through intersubjectivity. Strategies include examinations of the intersectional as camouflage, armor, concealment, and bait; and acts of assimilation, subversion and defiance. Participation in TFAP does not preclude participation in CAA. Co-organizers: Zoe Charlton, American University and Margo Hobbs, Muhlenberg College. Send submissions by June 19, 2015:

Event: February 6, 2016, National Museum of Women and the Arts

Event Type: Call for Papers/Proposals