TFAP Panel Session at CAA 2008

Feb 22, 2008 - Feb 22, 2008

Adam's Mark Hotel

400 Olive Street
Dallas, TX

Time: 2:30-5pm

The Glass Is Half Full: Embedding Feminism and Feminist Art

CAA 2008, Dallas-Fort Worth
Adam's Mark Hotel, San Antonio Ballroom A, 3rd Floor

Chairs: Dena Muller (ArtTable), Susan Fisher Sterling (National Museum of Women in the Arts)
Panelists: Ferris Olin (Institute for Women and Art), Judith K. Brodsky (Independent Artist; Institute for Women and Art), Leslie King-Hammond (Maryland Institute College of Art), Mary Garrard (American University), Norma Broude (American University), Andrea Barnwell (Spelman College Museum of Fine Art), Helaine Posner (Neuberger Museum of Art), Terrie Sultan (Parrish Art Museum).

Beginning in 2006, museums, universities, and other institutions nationally have been commemorating historic anniversaries in the Feminist Art Movement and launching new initiatives that demonstrate the ongoing significance of women's contributions to art. Exhibitions, panel discussions, courses, and other activities that examine Feminist Art and its histories are being organized under the rubric of The Feminist Art Project (TFAP). This panel will look back to the late 20th century as well as hearken to the future in its analysis of the successes and failures of a variety of strategies taken in the 1970s and in the early 21st century to address such questions as: is 1970s Feminism and Feminist Art perceived as monolithic and why; what impact have grassroots methods had on institutional change; what are the definitions, uses, and connotations of Feminism and how has it evolved since 1970s and with subsequent generations; how does Feminism Art practice address identity politics and the politics of self-marginalization; and what has Feminism achieved in art practice and what are its ongoing goals? This 2.5 panel will include speakers from TFAP National Committee and others involved with the project.






Event Type: Panel Discussion