K-12 Education Programs: Lehman College Art Gallery

Oct 1, 2015 - ongoing

Lehman College Art Gallery

250 Bedford Park Boulevard West
Bronx, NY 10468-1589

Phone Number: 718.960.8732
Contact: Hannah Brenner-Leonard
Website: http://www.lehman.edu/vpadvance/artgallery/gallery/

Education Programs for Pre-K - 12 Students:
Arts Integration Workshops / multi-sessions Individually designed, multi-session workshops integrate art with your curriculum, tailored to suit class needs and interests. Options include: Art and Math, Multi-cultural Arts, ELA Arts and Science Through The Arts. $200* in gallery, $250* at the school, material fee: $125
Public Art Workshops / multi-sessions Create a permanent public artwork for your school! Mediums available: ceramic or glass tile mosaic, tile painting, or mural painting. $200-250* project dependent, material fee: project dependent
Architecture Workshops / multi-sessions Introduce your students to the beauty of their architectural environment, while utilizing math and science skills. Students develop models and create their own designs of their schools and neighborhoods. $200*, materials included
Meet the Artist / one-time visit or multi-session An opportunity for students to meet with and learn from an exhibiting artist! Following the artist's talk, students will create their own art work inspired by what they learned. $250*, material fee: project dependent
Single Visits / one-time visit Cutting-edge contemporary art in an intimate environment. First Glimpse: 45-minute guided tour of current exhibitions. $75 Focused Gaze: 90-minute program including guided tour plus hands-on studio art experience. $125
Writing With Art / one-time visit or multi-session Students will develop language skills as they write about the works on view in the gallery's exhibitions and with the public art on campus. They will practice observational skills and learn to analyze, discuss, and write critical responses to works of contemporary art, while keeping a journal during the sessions. $200*, materials included

For Families:
Special Family Event Workshops / one-time visit Fun for everyone! Experience art in a bilingual, family-friendly environment and collaborate in a studio make-and-take art activity. $350*   *per session

Event Type: Workshop