Feminism Fights Military Morals

Feb 3, 2017 - Feb 18, 2017

Ballroom Gallery

Copy Cat Building Station Norht Arts District
1511 Guilford Ave, B202
Baltimore, MD 21202

Time: Exhibition Hours: 7-10pm, Fridays and Saturdays
Contact: tfapb.exhibitions@gmail.com
Website: http://www.feministmorals.tk/


“Rather than clarifying for women the power we exert in the maintenance of systems of domination and setting forth strategies for resistance and change, most current discussions of feminism and militarism further mystify woman's role. In keeping with sexist thinking, women are described as objects rather than subjects. We are depicted not as laborers and activists who, like men, make political choices, but as passive observers who have taken no responsibility for actively maintaining and perpetuating the current value system of our society which privileges violence and domination as the most effective tool of coercive control in human interaction, a society whose value systems advocate and promote war.”
bell hooks in Feminism and MIlitarism

Feminist Task Force XX: Mollye Bendell, Rebekah Cherryhill, Jeffrey L. Gangwisch, Chris Kojar, Mitchell Noah, Jaclin Paul, Leah Michaels, and Aimi Bouillon

We welcome all to join
the Feminist Service for Genuine Security, a self-selective service system.

Through a collaborative approach, eight feminist artists gathered as Task Force XX will recruit and investigate ways to bring awareness to and counter the subliminal impacts of the military mindset and patriarchal thinking in our society. Feminism Fights Military Morals has hopes of promoting nonexclusive love and social change.
This exhibition will be a Performative Display functioning as an educational and developmental recruitment system. Ballroom Gallery will be transformed into a recruitment space with feminist “propaganda”. Participants are encouraged to take action through an application process to create thoughts on what it means to live by Feminist Morals in opposition to Military Morals, which seem to intertwine as more women gain “equal” rights in a militaristic patriarchal society. This recruitment process entails filling out the Feminist Service for Genuine Security (FSGS) Forms and going through performative initiations to receive FSGS Certification, mimicking military draft cards. Participants can initiate at different stations, which counter militarized violence, including a meditation space, a collaborative coloring book, a sculptural soapbox to proclaim or protest from, as well as having their portrait taken for the feminist archive to the Self Selective Service System. The inclusive nature of feminism will allow participants to self-initiate and generate a sense of belonging. Local scholars will be invited for a brief lecture series as well. This performative display aims to provide viewers a space to reflect on their own daily habits that can lead to their subconscious participation in the military mindset.

Event Type: Exhibition