Night Angel, A One Women Musical

Jul 1, 2016 - ongoing

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Blake Press is thrilled to announce the publication of Night Angel, a one-woman musical by Melinda Camber Porter and composed by Keith Bright. Night Angel was originally performed at Lincoln Center Clarke Theater in New York. Night Angel presents a theatrical experience in book form, as we enter into the emotional story of a cabaret singer in Newark, New Jersey, who is resurrecting her life after a painful divorce. First performed at Lincoln Center Clarke Theater in October of 1995 and directed by Martha Banta with music direction by Tim Weill and guided by Michael Parva and The Directors Company. Night Angel is the two acts musical with Melinda Camber Porter providing the book, lyrics, and her oil paintings serving as the backdrop to the performance with the original musical scores composed by Carman Moore. The lyrics, musical scores and backdrop paintings of the two acts play pull the reader into the emotional maelstrom of Amy, as she evolves over the course of the musical into a more fully realized woman. Night Angel features seventeen songs with music ranging from hard rock to mystic ballad to waltz, all strong on melody, rhythm and unexpected harmonies. Keith Bright visiting Melinda Camber Porter in New York learned of Night Angel and read the book and lyrics. He returned to London with the book and then wrote his emotional music to all seventeen songs.

Night Angel, A One-Woman Musical Book, Lyrics and Backdrops by Melinda Camber Porter Music by Composer Keith Bright, London Introduction by Carman Moore, New York City Volume 2, Number 5 (Blake Press) Hardcover: (ISBN: 978-1-942231-35-6) 8½x11, $49.99 (2016). (135 pages, 10 color illustrations, lyrics, music, and bibliography) Ebook: (ISBN: 978-1-942231-36-3) $3.99 (2016).

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