Triptychs: 27 Oil Paintings

Aug 1, 2016 - ongoing

The Melinda Camber Porter Archive of Creative Works

6 Ackerly Street
Sag Harbor, NY 11963

Phone Number: 347-782-1653
Contact: Joseph Flicek

Melinda Camber Porter explains, “The Triptych Series is twenty-seven large oils on canvas exploring the triptych form as both altarpiece and sculptural shape.”

“I compare Melinda Camber Porter’s own ‘cosmology’ to that of Michelangelo, whose conflation of the spiritual and the material, the chaste and the sensual, horrified and aroused his contemporaries even as it communicated his highly personal understanding of God, man and their interrelationship.” -- Peter Trippi, Editor of Fine Art Connoisseur

“Melinda Camber Porter is a watercolorist [in addition to oils], and that is a very difficult medium to handle. With oil it’s easy to correct things or just go over it, but with watercolor, once you have done it, you have done it.” -- Robin Hamlyn, Senior Curator of William Blake at Tate Britain

“As an artist, Melinda Camber Porter’s use of line and form is completely original. Her artwork could be defined as ‘figurative abstraction’, because she pioneers new territory in both the abstract and figurative domains. Her extraordinary use of color would inspire a composer. Melinda Camber Porter faithfully pursued her own ‘cosmology,’ which was constantly evolving, evolving, evolving.” -- Walter Wickiser, New York Gallery Owner

The Triptych Series, Text and 27 oil paintings by Melinda Camber Porter Foreword by Walter Wickiser, New York Gallery Volume 2, Number 6 (Blake Press) Hardcover: (ISBN: 978-1-942231-50-9), 8½x11, $49.99 (2016). (105 pages, 60 color illustrations, index, and bibliography) Ebook: (ISBN: 978-1-942231-14-1) $3.99 (2016).

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