Proud & Sad/Wrong & Strong

Apr 2, 2005 - May 7, 2005

Women and Their Work

1710 Lavaca St.
Austin, TX 78701

Phone Number: 5124771064
Contact: Madeline Taylor

Houston artist Soody Sharifi, in collaboration with Param Sharifi, creates a large scale installation including photography, writings, and found documents. The exhibition highlights the diversity and pluralism in contemporary Iranian political, social, and cultural life. Acting as deliberately selective archivists, the team of mother and son expose a more subtle and three dimensional view of a country too often seen through the narrow optic of the nightly news.(paragraph breakUsing photos, text, and large-scale murals, the artists will investigate the difference between how the Iranian government portrays life in Iran (and the way in which the West thus often interprets that life) and how she and her son perceive the reality of contemporary Iranian culture. From two generations with two different perspectives, --she was born and raised in Iran and lived in the United States while her son visited Iran only recently for the first time after studying and living in Europe-- the exhibition will also feature two very different kinds of art. Viewers will encounter large murals like that approved by the government (reminiscent of that seen in the Soviet Union) and photographs, text, and found objects that will evoke the more complex nature of the life these artists believe is widely lived in private in Iran today.

Event Type: Exhibition