Ausencias Y Silencios

May 12, 2005 - Jun 25, 2005

Women and Their Work

1710 Lavaca St.
Austin, TX 78701

Phone Number: 5124771064
Contact: Madeline Taylor

Liliana Wilson creates richly colored paintings with images often drawn from the subconscious. Born and raised in Chile in a time of social and political upheaval, Wilson creates enigmatic figures whose outward composure is frequently in direct contrast with their inner turmoil.

The art of Liliana Wilson is intentionally deceiving. The first thing that attracts the gaze of the viewer is the beauty of the images in her work. Controlled, precise, with great attention to detail, the artist brings to life beautiful creatures. The characters in Wilson’s oeuvre gaze directly to the viewer, as if demanding the return of their gaze with the expectation of an interaction. They seem to be waiting for an answer to a question that seems to linger.

The figures that inhabit the visual world of Liliana Wilson captivate with a quiet and reserved demeanor. For a moment, they seem to suggest that they are here, and then they are gone. They are looking at you but they look through you and when you think you have finally captured them, they have already escape from you. Gloria Anzaldúa states “las pinturas de Liliana son ensueños que se quieren hacer realidad.”[1] I suggest that in the dream quality of her work there is a hidden, profound narrative of ausencias y silencios.

Event Type: Exhibition