Anthropophagic, are you a cannibal?

Sep 23, 2008 - Sep 23, 2008

Corrientes and Florida streets

Corrientes and Florida street
Buenos Aires, 1043

Phone Number: 0034622665703
Contact: Luz Darriba/ group Disobedience and Happiness

Anthropophagic, are you a cannibal? 23 September International Day against Sexual Exploitation Florida and Corrientes, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2008 This project wants to put on the table an absolutely abnormal situation that the social discourse on women, imposed by patriarchy since time immemorial, has made it acceptable for many people of all cultures. It has to do with denaturalizing a situation of slavery for millions of women and trying to make visible the tragedies that are below: hidden. Behind these lucrative businesses, based on the slave exploitation of other human beings (women, girls, children), there are thousands of lives stolen, family groups destroyed, violations of fundamental human rights. This project points directly to the bad named customer of the prostitution. To whom with his actions allows this trafficking of human flesh is possible. Anthropophagic, feeding on another human being, produces an absolute social rejection, but not that human beings (mostly men) consume sexually, upon payment, another human beings (mostly women).

With this action we wanted to override these false ethical boundaries. Who consumes other human beings is a cannibal, an anthropophagus. The action consisted in distributing plates of disposable material on the street with cuts of women from magazines, newspapers, etc., throughout the day of September 23, International Day against sexual exploitation. The dish contained pieces of women: faces, eyes, remains of feet or hands ... Like a meal, with the legend: Are you a cannibal? The back of the plate explained the situation of thousands of women and children, victims of sexual exploitation. Thousands of women, girls and boys are used as objects of pleasure and satisfaction of other human beings. Thousands of women and children are kidnapped by drug traffickers and forced into prostitution. Do you want to consume other human beings? The action took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in a very busy place, the microcentro (Florida and Corrientes). The group Disobedience and Happiness, supported by other social organizations, carried out. They were given 1000 plates with collage images of bodies, urging men to think about socially legitimized practices. The slogan was: DO NOT TURN IN CANNIBAL AND ACT. The client of prostitution consumes life of women and children reducing them to mouths, vaginas and anus. Slavery was abolished. But, what about prostitution? In Argentina, the disappearance of 500 young people a year, whose terrible destination is sexual exploitation, is reported. The kidnapped girls far exceed this number; their disappearances are not denounced for coming from poor families, who know the connivance of the local public powers with these crimes. The idea of action was not only to point out the responsibility of clients of prostitution, but also to question men who do not consume prostitution but who endorse it with their silence. The night before we made some were paintings in the area where thousands of brothels and private apartments operate, in which hundreds of women are sexually exploited.

Event Type: Performance