Mar 9, 2016 - ongoing

Museum Provincial of Lugo

Praza da Soidade s/n
Lugo, Spain

Time: Is a work in continuous exhibition.
Phone Number: 0034622665703
Contact: Luz Darriba
Website: http://www.lavozdegalicia.es/noticia/lugo/2016/03/09/yoni-creator-lugar-sagrado-genitales-femeninos/00031457548183620125776.htm

Yoni-creator from March 9, 2016, under the 2nd Congress of Xénero, Museums, Art and Communication, sponsored by the Museum Network and the Provincial Council of Lugo, artistic proposal of Luz Darriba that begins in Lugo a path Which claims to be long and prolific. Yoni-creator, (Yoni: sacred place of the female genitals, creator, in English creator), is a vending machine of eggs or balls with surprises, which are often found in many establishments. Turning it into a vending machine for women artists' artworks to get the job spreading, turned this gadget into Yoni-creator, or female creative genitals (the Hindu version of Pussy). The machine contains the work of female artists of four generations, each piece of work in that ball-egg, with an image and a small biography. The intention is to make known to these artists, generally ignored by the general public basically because they are women. Held with the cooperation of the Provincial Museum Network of Lugo, it takes a huge tour of Museums throughout the State, participating in addition to the exhibition Alén dos xéneros, feminist practices in Galicia, the MARCO of Vigo and the Auditorio de Galicia de Santiago Of Compostela. The Galician artists who originally formed part of Yoni-creator, which will be joined by many others, are: Mónica Alonso, Julia Ares, Sabela Arias, Blanca Besteiro, Paula Cabaleiro, Monse Cea, Ana Costas, Luz Darriba, Ángeles Díaz, Victoria Diehl, Yolanda Donda, Alba Fandiño, Ana Gesto, Heno, Gema López, Maruja Mallo, Xulia Minguillón, Monica Mura, Carme Nogueira, Marina Núñez, Renata Otero, Luisa Paz, Elena Pendás, Laura Pernás, Noa Persán, Uxía Piñeiro, Soledad Pita, Isabel Somoza, Monica Trastoy, and Paz Vicente. My thanks to all of them and especially to Encarna Lago.

Event Type: Exhibition