Taller Virtual de Ciberactivismo/Virtual Workshop on Cyberactivism

Mar 31, 2014 - ongoing


Buenos Aires, Argentina

Phone Number: 005491158154695
Contact: Micaela Fernandez Darriba/Aisa Garcia Avellaneda
Website: http://www.wim-network.org/2014/03/proyecto-taller-virtual-de-ciberactivismo-y-feminismo-en-las-redes-sociales/

Virtual workshop project: cyber activism and feminism in the social networks IN THE SOCIAL.

Our project intends to work from the practices and activism developed in social networks, mainly on Facebook, and to impel new experiences and new appropriations and contributions within the feminist discourse. In this course we will network with different partners from different parts of the world and with diverse experiences and we will link them from the inscription to this course-seminar that pretends to be a value creation of the relations between cyber feminism and the possibilities of the NTICs (New Technologies of Information and Communication).

We understand that the space of social networks, although it is not an inclusive space (that is to say, to belong to, it is necessary to subscribe), it is a space of great massiveness in which events, notes, publications, campaigns can be created, , Audios, videos and also create groups and forums through the chat and the creation of the same groups. We chose Facebook for being the most popular social network and contemplating the possibility of creating friendships, ties of solidarity, cyber activity, and sorority. In this sense, we plan to install and intervene in the social network by giving an own form to an activity that many feminists do spontaneously, unsystematically, and not classified in the network. We think that this enables a new experience that can bring new experiences in the form of concrete actions worldwide. It would be the first course-seminar that would involve a reflection on the use of tics NTICs by various experiences and at the same time represents an instance of symbolic appropriation of network content

Event Type: On-going Project