Zoe Keramea: Geometry of Paradox

Jun 18, 2005 - Jul 30, 2005

The Drawing Center ,The Drawing Room

35 Wooster Street
40 Wooster Street
New York, NY 10013

Time: Tue -Fri 10 am - 6 pm, Sat 11 am - 6 pm
Phone Number: 212 219 2166
Contact: info@drawingcenter.org
Website: http://www.drawingcenter.org/

From June 18 to July 30, 2005, The Drawing Center’s Drawing Room will feature New York­ based contemporary artist Zoe Keramea in the exhibition Geometry of Paradox. The engaging and mind­-bending work of Zoe Keramea uses drawing and paper constructions to explore the visual paradoxes of illusionistic space. Through surprisingly simple motifs such as geometric shapes, tangled lines, and three­-dimensional folded paper forms, Keramea’s work challenges viewers’ perceptions of spatial relationships. For several decades Keramea has created inventive works on and with paper that reflect a sense of delight in perceptual conundrums. With a reduced palette and spare graphic tools, her drawings and three dimensional works push illusionistic devices to an extreme, superceding a logical understanding of physical space. Geometry of Paradox will feature Keramea’s playful large­-scale drawings, artist’s books, “zoetype” prints (created through a unique process developed by the artist), and three­dimensional paper sculptures. Her folded paper constructions reference malleable forms such as the Ouroboros, the mythological serpent devouring its own tail—in this case, as he dives through the gallery wall (Sea Serpent, 2005)—and the hexahedron, repeated along a twisting plane (Spikey Moebius and Folded Flexible Plane, 2005). Keramea subtly alters the space of the gallery with Circumference (1997), her 33–foot long horizontal scroll that outlines the arc of a circle, drawn in shallow perspective, to hint at a perimeter curving around the viewer. By suggesting spatial relationships that can only exist in the mind, Keramea provokes viewers to engage in active “seeing” rather than passive looking.

Event Type: Exhibition