Muller mira muller/woman look at woman

Oct 25, 2005 - ongoing

Provincail Museum of Lugo

Plaza da Soidade s/n
Lugo, Spain

Phone Number: 0034 982242112
Contact: Encarnacion Lago Gonzalez

The function of a Museum is to attend to the whole society that the whole society feels represented in its funds, and in its exhibitions. If only a part of that community has the possibility of belonging, in one way or another, to the museum, to be reflected in it, then the speech, the narration will go univocally in an only sense. For a long time women were not part of museums; In fact, the famous performance of the Gorilla girls talked us about this subject: women only could enter if they were naked to MoMa, for example. Because women were seen as models or muses. A Museum of the XXI century has the duty to incorporate an inclusive project, a project proportioned to society and to the times.

We began to elaborate that discourse in the year 2000, to propose a shared history, understanding that a programming that includes the genre is not only a programming that contemplates the expositions of women artists. It is, for us, a programming that takes into account the whole framework behind and contributes to the fact that differences and inequalities are increasingly shortened. It is a speech that puts on the table the difficulties of women artists, curators, critics, guides, directives, to carry out their work competing in unequal conditions with men. It is talk of adapting the facilities to be inhabited by women, with all that implies, is to contribute to the media know and recognize the work of women, is, finally, to deal the cards of the deck in a way more equitable. In that we are and in that we will follow. Here is a synthesis of the work done in these years and the challenges we have faced in order to be able to live up to the times. Encarnacion Lago González Manager of Lugo provincial network museum.

Event Type: On-going Project