Oct 19, 2017 - Oct 22, 2017

Open Source Gallery

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New York, NY 10002

Time: TBA
Phone Number: 7072180753
Contact: Or Nah

BLOOD MAGIK/Birth Stories A Rebirth Ritual, Speak-out & Soundscape presented by ULTRACULTURAL OTHERS (Undakova & Or Nah with Baily Rollins of Moonstone Babies) As part of OPEN SOURCE Gallery's "Reimagining Tradition" A Ritual Art Series (highlighting intersections between socially engaged art & ritual practice)

This project will take place over the weekend of Oct 19-22, East River Ampitheater (Exact dates and location TBA)

Do you have a birth story to tell?
"Women of the Earth, Take Back Your Birth" We want to hear your birth stories - the momentary pleasures, pains, traumas and triumphs as you made your way through the birth spiral. We especially want to hear from women who danced and sang out their babies, rebelled against convention, made art, made love, experienced orgasmic birth, unassisted birth, water birth or birth outside in nature. We also want activist stories speaking out against the violence done to women's bodies by an overmedicalized, corporatized hospital system. We want your story, the raw and honest truth. We want to combine the stories of many strong Mothers into a powerful oral herstory that foregrounds women's natural birthing instincts, hormonal thresholds of pleasure, and spiritual power quotient. We want you to bring your sisters, mothers, grandmothers, partners, sons and daughters to this important community forum and rebirth ritual. Let's weave our stories into song, poem and speech form.

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Event Type: Public Art Action