Kesa Kivel
  Taking Our Place in the Art World
  Feminist Arts Curriculum

  For Those Teaching the Following Topics:
  Gender Stereotypes
Girls’ Empowerment Art
History of Women Artists

  Taking Our Place was created to help students explore gender stereotypes and gender discrimination in their own lives and in the lives of others, especially women artists from the Middle Ages to the present. The curriculum, with art-based activities and discussion topics, was designed for students from the 6th grade to college levels and can be incorporated into art classes, women’s studies classes, and after-school programs for adolescent girls and boys.




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Taking Our Place was developed in conjunction with the exhibition “Multiple Vantage Points: Southern California Women Artists, 1980-2006,” which was on view at the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery in Barnsdall Park from February 25 through April 15, 2007. Since 2007, this curriculum has been developed for use in other educational settings.

The Feminist Art Project gives special thanks to Kesa Kivel for making these educational materials available for publication here.  To learn more about Kesa Kivel go to

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File Description
Taking Our Place in the Art World For those teaching the following subjects: Gender Stereotypes, Sexism. Feminism, Girls’ Empowerment Art, History of Women Artists, Discrimination