Anna Mlasowsky: Never Odd or Even - The Feminist Art Project
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Anna Mlasowsky: Never Odd or Even


Bellevue Arts Museum

510 Bellevue Way NE

Bellevue , WA


Gallery Hours: Wednesday-Sunday 11:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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Benedict Heywood, Executive Director & Chief Curator



Mlasowsky’s biennial piece, Chorus of One, was presented as both a sculpture and wearable cloak, to be viewed in its worn form either as part of an activated live performance or as recorded choreography through the medium of video. Building off of this same concept, Anna Mlasowsky’s new project expands on the collaboration between still objects and moving bodies. Based on the three stages of womanhood, the work tells a story about fluid boundaries and cyclical processes. The exhibition’s title, Never Odd or Even, a palindromespeaks to various themes, ranging from the longing for the hermaphroditic, the neutral and circular, the intangible presence of reoccurring cycles—be it through history, seasons, or animal migration—to the ocean currents and the female cycle.

This collaborative effort connects the disciplines of performing arts and sculpture, staging the objects in the exhibition on both the spatial and performative planes. Choreography explores the crafted object’s purely operative function by enabling the wearer to perform a series of gestures that define space for social interaction. In other words, the objects are no longer confined to their autonomous, still form, but rather become moveable anchors for the performance to unfold on the floor of the gallery.

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Anna Mlasowsky, Never Odd or Even