CFP SONO-SORO[RITIES]: FEMINIST INTERVENTIONS IN SOUND ART Deadline March 31 2021 - The Feminist Art Project
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Online Conference, hosted by University of Santa Catalina, Brazil

Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC) , Campus Universitário Reitor João David Ferreira Lima, s/nº, N/A

Trindade – Florianópolis – SC, Brazil



Phone Number

(48) 3721-9000


Gabriela Aceves Sepulveda



We are looking for submissions for our panel  WG 4: SONO-SORO[RITIES]: FEMINIST INTERVENTIONS IN SOUND ART at the Sonoridades Conference on June 9-11, 2021 the conference will be online.

Coordination: Gabriela Aceves Sepúlveda (Simon Fraser University),  Freya Zinovieff (Simon Fraser University)  & Amanda Gutiérrez (Concordia University)

Building on Marcela Lagarde’s concept of sororidad (2006), understood as a non-binary, ethical, political and practical dimension of contemporary feminism(s), in this working group, we consider sono-soro[rities] as a critical frame to look at the sonic dimensions of patriarchy. As a feminist intervention in the archives of sound art, sono-soro[rities] makes visible how sound and gender constructions intersect each other. It highlights the potential of the sonic to unveil and make audible unequal power dynamics in which gendered violence and exclusion are perpetuated. We seek to listen to what sono-soro[rities] sounds like and explore its political potential in creating non-exclusionary-sounding futures and re-sounding pasts and presents. To do so, we invite historical and theoretical papers and research-creation projects that make visible the contributions of women and LGTBQ artists in sound art, including (but not limited to) composition, technological invention, media arts, radio and podcast productions, as well as other projects that have opened, created, and disseminated feminist and independent spaces for sound production across the globe. We welcome papers in Spanish, English and Portuguese, but the panel will be moderated in Spanish and English.


Abstracts must be submitted by March 31 to the email  in .doc (or .docx) formats, stating in the subject of the email “II CIPS”, followed by the intended WG (the indication of the WG in the “subject” field is mandatory).

The abstract must be formatted in Times New Roman font, Body 12, spacing 1.5. The file must contain, in this order:

  • Proposal title;

  • Authors and their respective e-mails and institutional affiliation (or main activity);

  • Summary of up to 500 words;

  • Three to five keywords;

  • Intended WG.

Abstracts can be sent in Portuguese, Spanish or English. Some WG will conduct moderation in only two of these languages, but this is indicated in the group’s description.

Visit the website:  for more information.

Event Type

Call for Papers/Proposals

Sonoridades Conference