Like A Girl: Dare To Dream by Fer Caggiano - The Feminist Art Project
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Like A Girl: Dare To Dream by Fer Caggiano


City Gallery at Joe Riley Waterfront Park

34 Prioleau Street

Charleston, SC


viewing offered Thursdays through Sundays from noon until 5pm, with the last reservation at 4:40pm

Phone Number

(843) 958-6484


Fer Caggiano



Charleston, S.C.—The City of Charleston Office of Cultural Affairs presents Like A Girl: Dare To Dream, a new exhibition by artist Fer Caggiano on view at City Gallery from March 11, 2021 through May 2, 2021. Featuring portraits of more than 35 South Carolinian women, Like a Girl brings attention to women who have excelled, each with unique and inspiring stories. In them, girls and other women will see on canvas their potential: they can be strong, smart and beautiful, and ready to make their mark on the world.

The artist will be painting at City Gallery on March 11, 18 and 25. Due to the ongoing situation related to COVID-19 in South Carolina, City Gallery guests must reserve a time slot in advance online or by phone for free, timed admission, with exhibition viewing offered Thursdays through Sundays from noon until 5pm. The last reservation will be offered at 4:40pm. Face masks will be required of all guests and staff.

Charleston, South Carolina-based artist Fer Caggiano has embarked on a journey to celebrate the heroic achievements of remarkable women who have transcended life’s challenges to create a legacy of inspiration. Troubled by seeing girls and women struggle to be respected in a male-dominated world, Caggiano seeks to remove negative connotations associated with acting “like a girl.”

“Girls and women must dare to dream – to be leaders, to be strong in mind, body and spirit – so that ‘like a girl’ will instead mean powerful and highly effective,” said the artist.

Caggiano hopes that the exhibition will foster a dialogue about gender and achievement, and provoke questions like: Can females really be anything they want to be? What obstacles do they encounter that men and boys do not? How can we ensure that future generations of women can become leaders in any industry or field?

The 35 women featured in these portraits come from different walks of life, but share the common link of reaching the pinnacle of their dreams. A few of the many remarkable women in “Like A Girl: Dare To Dream” include: Allison Arriola, Janet Bates, Karen Lucht, Gabrielle Forgione, Yeakia Johnson, Yvonne Gilbert, Arianne King Comer, Vicky Johnson, Tia Clark, Paula Dezzutti (Pixie), Kelly Trager, Erin Mansour, Carol Wilhite and Kenya Dunn.

Proceeds from this project will be donated to organizations that support women and girls in reaching their maximum potential, thus extending the project’s impact well beyond its exhibition.

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