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A.I.R. Gallery is currently accepting submissions for our 2022 CURRENTS Exhibition, Identity Politics, through October 18, 2021. Curated by A.I.R. Gallery’s Executive Director Roxana Fabius and Director of Exhibitions and Fellowship Christian Camacho-Light, this exhibition is open to all artists working across all forms and disciplines. We encourage openness of interpretation and welcome the both/and. ⁠

Increasing in the wake of 2016, mainstream and alternative media alike have long published think pieces wading into a perceived fissure in contemporary political discourse: that between so-called “identity politics” on the one hand and class-based struggle on the other. On both the left and right, this has resulted in a muddying of the terms at play, giving the impression that contemporary politics is either/or, a zero-sum game.

On the eve of the 45th anniversary of the Combahee River Collective Statement, the 2022 A.I.R. CURRENTS exhibition Identity Politics looks to the concept’s origins in order to consider its continued relevance and contemporary manifestations. One of the most significant texts of the twentieth century and a pillar of Black feminist theory and praxis, the 1977 statement positions identity politics not as a force of atomization, but as a political analysis that emphasizes personal experience and multi-focal coalition building as wellsprings of revolutionary action. For the Combahee River Collective, identity politics allowed for the recognition that all forms of oppression are interconnected and thus cannot be fought in isolation. While importantly informed by who you are, identity politics poses the more essential question of what you might do with others.⁠

Building on this precedent, Identity Politics aims to explore the unexpected and non-linear connections born from alternative forms of kinship. Artists might look to the agency they find in their own unique lived experience or may consider connection, solidarity, and collective action more broadly. The subject of submitted works might include embodied experience, familial histories both chosen and inherited, the bridging of art and politics, multiscalar approaches to change and coalition building, and personal and/or structural considerations of identity’s intersections.

Please find further information about the CURRENTS Exhibition by clicking here.

Apply for the CURRENTS Exhibition by clicking here. The application fee is $35 ($40 after September 18).

The deadline is Monday, October 18th.

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