Call for Proposals: TFAP@CAA 2022 Affiliated Society Session - The Feminist Art Project
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Call for Proposals: TFAP@CAA 2022 Affiliated Society Session


Hilton Chicago

720 South Michigan Avenue

Chicago, IL



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The Feminist Art Project is seeking proposals for our 2022 CAA Affiliated Society Session!
Deadline is Thursday, September 16, 2021

The Unfinished Battle: Women, Art/Work, and Feminisms
Chairs: Kalliopi Minioudaki, Independent Scholar and Curator, Connie Tell, Independent Curator and National Chair, The Feminist Art Project
*Presented in-person during the 110th CAA Annual Conference (February 16-19, 2022 at Hilton Chicago)

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Panel Description (listed below):

Reminiscent of the mass layoffs after World War II, five million women lost their jobs in the U.S. in 2020. Re-entry to the job market is expected to be difficult, especially for women of color. Conventional workplace standards fail to support working women, with few child-care, health, and other social support services to keep women in their positions. Are women set up to fail? The humanitarian crisis of domestic workers and the unaccountable women who left the workforce entirely to perform family-care, barely capture the racial and class inequities underpinning the labor crisis shouldered by women.

Under world pandemic lockdowns, radical feminist analyses of “women’s work” at home that sustains capital’s reproduction and its inherent racist, gender, class, and other biases have garnered urgent attention to the deep-seated sources of the devaluation of women’s labor. The parallel ways in which capitalism deems domestic and creative work unproductive—invisible “non-work” naturalized as “labor of love”—resonates with the experiences of women-identifying artists, and the gendered predicament of the cultural precariat in the neoliberal landscape.

This panel explores the ways in which artists, curators and scholars prioritize this deeply intersectional feminist issue, especially the labor of artists, in their work and research. In critical celebration of the multiple anniversaries marking feminism’s contribution to the changed circumstances for womxn in the arts and beyond—including the 1972 establishment of CWA, WCA and the short-lived Wages for Housework movement—it problematizes the role of work in feminism(s)’ unfinished fight for social justice for all.

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Call for Papers/Proposals