New Time: Art and Feminisms in the 21st Century - The Feminist Art Project
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New Time: Art and Feminisms in the 21st Century



2155 Center Street

Berkeley, CA


Wednesday-Sunday: 11am - 7pm

Phone Number

(510) 642-0808




New Time: Art and Feminisms in the 21st Century is a major survey exploring recent feminist practices in contemporary art. In 1980 Lucy Lippard argued that feminist art is “neither a style nor a movement” but rather “a value system, a revolutionary strategy, a way of life.” Taking Lippard’s statement as a point of departure, the exhibition examines the values, strategies, and ways of life reflected in current feminist art. In keeping with Griselda Pollock’s observation that “feminism is a historical project and thus is itself constantly shaped and remodeled in relation to the living process of women’s struggles,” New Time aims to demonstrate that feminism in the twenty-first century is multifaceted, encompassing many complex issues and perspectives, and therefore cannot be reduced to a single subject, style, or agenda. Although artworks made since 2000 are the primary focus, the objects and installations on view span several generations, mediums, geographies, and political sensibilities. In this way the project seeks to convey the heterogeneous, intergenerational, and gender-fluid nature of feminist practices today.

Artists include Laura Aguilar; Anohni, Kembra Pfahler, Johanna Constantine, Bianca Casady, Sierra Casady; Janine Antoni; Alisa Baremboym; Valérie Blass; Louise Bourgeois; Andrea Bowers; Sarah Cahill; Miriam Cahn; Sophie Calle; Jordan Casteel; Elaine Cameron-Weir; Tammy Rae Carland; Jean-Martin Charcot; Paul Regnard; Paul Richer; Judy Chicago; Anne Collier; Amy Cutler; Moyra Davey; Nicole Eisenman; Inka Essenhigh; Ellen Gallagher; Chitra Ganesh; Andrea Geyer; Rochelle Goldberg; Nicki Green; Guerrilla Girls; Lynn Hershman Leeson; Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle; Jenny Holzer; Luchita Hurtado; Hayv Kahraman; Caitlin Keogh; Koak; Ella Kruglyanskaya; Liz Larner; Simone Leigh; Candice Lin; Kalup Linzy; Sarah Lucas; Goshka Macuga; Ad Minoliti; Marilyn Minter; Zanele Muholi; Ruby Neri; Catherine Opie; Mai-Thu Perret; Michele Pred; Farah Al Qasimi; Pussy Riot; Christina Quarles; R.H. Quaytman; Carol Rama; Favianna Rodriguez; Leslie Scalapino; Lara Schnitger; Davina Semo; Amy Sillman; Laurie Simmons; Lorna Simpson; Rose B. Simpson; Kiki Smith; Linda Stark; Sturtevant; Lava Thomas; Mickalene Thomas; Wu Tsang; Sara VanDerBeek; Catherine Wagner; Kara Walker; Ann Walsh; and Francesca Woodman.

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Linda Stark, Stigmata, 2011