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Fictional Fabrics: works by Eva Mantell


Johnson and Johnson Galleries

1 Johnson & Johnson Plaza

New Brunswick, NJ


Gallery open by appointment only

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Johnson & Johnson’s World Headquarters Gallery presents Fictional Fabric,a new exhibition featuring the work of New Jersey-based artist Eva Mantell. The exhibition is part of the company’s ongoing New Jersey Artists Series and runs from July 23 to September 6, 2010.

Every day, we use and dispose of objects without giving a second thought. However, in this accumulation of unwanted items, Eva Mantell finds art. Through the manipulation of discarded pop culture materials such as magazines, coffee cups, and newspapers, as well as natural materials like leaves, Mantell breathes new life into these over-looked, everyday objects. Through ripping, shredding, and cutting, Mantell creates stunning sculptures, works on paper, and drawings that offer a fascinating new perspective.
Mantell’s body of work was inspired from the changes that occur in nature over time. As the seasons change, for example, leaves turn into skeletons of their former selves. Through this decay, a new, delicate lace-like fabric emerges.  Because many of the things our culture produces do not decay prettily, Mantell harnesses the art of subtraction to imitate the beauty that can occur in decomposition. Allowing her imagination to be the defining factor in this new fabric, Mantell investigates the possibilities of how altered objects allow one to view the world differently.
“The transformation of a humble thing into a new and surprising structure is a mantra for my work,” says Mantell. “The new fabric is a container for memory as well as a way of stretching my imagination into the future.”
Eva Mantell is a painter, sculptor, video and performance artist based out of Princeton, N.J. A graduate from the University of Pennsylvania and the School of Visual Arts in New York, she has exhibited in both locally and internationally at institutions such as the Brooklyn Museum, the Whitney, and the Istanbul Biennale.  Her artwork is featured in museum, university, and private collections.
“Johnson & Johnson is excited to present Eva Mantell’s work,” said Ashley Atkins, Senior Arts Administrator at Johnson & Johnson.  “We believe that supporting local artists is vital to the health of our community.”         
The Johnson & Johnson World Headquarters Gallery is located at One Johnson & Johnson Plaza, New Brunswick, N.J. The gallery is open by appointment only. For more information about their exhibitions or to schedule a visit to the gallery, please call 732-524-6957.
Documentation for this event is housed at the Feminist Art Project Archives at Rutgers University.

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