Artist in Action! with Jiae Hwang! - The Feminist Art Project
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Artist in Action! with Jiae Hwang!


Girls' Club

117 NE 2 Street

Fort Lauderdale, FL



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Sarah Michelle Rupert



Hear visual artist Jiae Hwang speak about her work, her creative inspirations, and recent projects. Talk is free and open to the public. Artists in Action! is a series of four presentations at Girls’ Club by prominent local female artists that offer a glimpse into their unique methods of artmaking. In conjunction with the exhibition “I think it’s in my head”, the four presenting artists are all featured artists working with diverse media. They will share their inspirations, career paths and ah hah! moments with the public. A lively atmosphere and stimulating discussion is guaranteed. Each Artists in Action! presenter is also commissioned by Girls’ Club to produce a limited edition multiple for sale. These editions are affordably priced and welcome new, emerging collectors to engage with local artists and add to or start a contemporary art collection of their own! Jiae Hwang’s work investigates hypothetical and open ended structures that address issues such as technology, the past, the future and the viability of those notions in a time when the demand for “speed” has rendered them almost irrelevant. She explores different media (drawing, painting, video and Installation) in an effort to sustain her place as an artist in the present while analyzing and proposing post-ironic possibilities. Jiae Hwang was born in Seoul Korea in 1981, and grew up in Korea and Space Cost in Florida U.S.A. She has exhibited nationally and internationally, including Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Serpentine Gallery (London), Tomio Koyama Gallery (Tokyo), Emmanuel Perrotin Gallery (Paris), Fredric Snitzer Gallery (Miami) as well as MoCA North Miami, Rubell Contemporary Art Foundation. Free parking available.

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