Genetic Code of the Universe - The Feminist Art Project
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Genetic Code of the Universe


The National Museum of Tatarstan

Kazan Kremlin

Kazan, Russian Federation

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The exhibit will feature paintings, objects, and video installation. Luba Sterlikova’s art creates a unique model of the Universe in which time and space are not opposites as they become the inner and outer vision. The compositions of the artist, built on spiral structures, consider the reality of a multi-layer fabric.

In her creative method, Luba Sterlikova uses universal optics on micro and macro space. The cosmos is energy as the plasma state of matter naturally appears in the works of the artist through stable modules that encode the matrix of life. In her artistic system, Luba Sterlikova addresses issues of the universal understanding of the world integrity under the influence of modern theories of random processes, the development of quantum cosmology, and, in particular, a theory of Inflationary Multiverse by Andrei Linde, professor at Stanford University. At the same time, its “matrix” visual design goes to the classical traditions of avant-garde culture and to the fundamental ideas shaped by the theories of Cosmic Consciousness.

In conjunction with the exhibition, there will be a discussion on the relationship between science and art. The discussion will be accompanied by a video presentation with statements by scientists, artists, and art historians pertinent to the subject.

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